HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide
1.1.0 - release Japan flag

HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide - Local Development build (v1.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Example Observation: JP Core Observation VitalSigns Example バイタル(呼吸数)

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "jp-observation-vitalsigns-example-1"

Profile: JP Core Observation VitalSigns Profile

status: final

category: 呼吸機能 (JP_ObservationVitalSignsCategory_CS#respiratory-function)

code: 呼吸数 (localcode#abc-local-456; LOINC#9279-1 "Respiratory rate"; unknown#31001369)

subject: Patient/jp-patient-example-1 " 山田"

encounter: Encounter/jp-encounter-example-1

effective: 2021-10-19 10:00:00+0900

performer: Practitioner/jp-practitioner-example-male-2 " 愛知"

value: 400 回