HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide
1.1.1 - release Japan flag

HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide - Local Development build (v1.1.1). See the Directory of published versions

Example MedicationRequest: JP Core MedicationRequest Example 内服処方指示 ムコダイン錠250mg

Generated Narrative: MedicationRequest

Resource MedicationRequest "jp-medicationrequest-example-1"

Profile: JP Core MedicationRequest Profile

identifier: id: 1, id: 1, id: 1234567890.1.1

status: active

intent: order

medication: ムコダイン錠250mg (unknown#103835401)

subject: Patient/jp-patient-example-1 " 山田"

authoredOn: 2020-04-01 12:28:17+0900


JP Core Medication Dosage PeriodOfUse Extension: 2020-04-01 --> (ongoing)

JP Core Medication Dosage UsageDuration Extension: 3 日 (Details: UCUM code d = 'd')

text: 内服・経口・1日3回朝昼夕食後

timing: Code: 内服・経口・1日3回朝昼夕食後

route: 口 (route-codes#PO)

method: 経口 (unknown#10)


quantity: 9 錠 (Details: urn:oid:1.2.392.100495.20.2.101 code TAB = '錠')


*3Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM)d