HL7 FHIR JP Core ImplementationGuide
1.1.1 - release Japan flag

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Example Immunization: JP Core Immunization Example 肺炎球菌ワクチン接種

Generated Narrative: Immunization

Resource Immunization "jp-immunization-example-1"

Profile: JP Core Immunization Profile

JP Core Immunization DueDateOfNextDose Extension: 2021-10-10

JP Core Immunization ManufacturedDate Extension: 2021-03-01

JP Core Immunization CertificatedDate Extension: 2021-03-15

status: completed

vaccineCode: 肺炎球菌ワクチン (unknown#111501701)

patient: Patient/jp-patient-example-1 " 山田"

occurrence: 2021-07-01 10:30:00+0900

lotNumber: 12345678

site: left arm (ActSite#LA)

doseQuantity: 0.45 mL (Details: UCUM code mL = 'mL')


*Administering Provider (providerRole#AP)Practitioner/jp-practitioner-example-male-1: 大阪 一郎 " 大阪"


*肺炎球菌感染症 (unknown#VQH3)1